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King cake!

It’s Carnival time, and in New Orleans, that means king cake! Once again, NOCCA’s Culinary Arts department offers its take on this seasonal, sugary treat with a Satsuma Almond King Cake.

This year, to make things easier for our students, faculty, and fans, we've partnered with four retail shops who are handling all sales: Langenstein's (Uptown and Old Metairie), Dorignac's, and the King Cake Hub. Visit any one of those locations, and you'll find our cakes!

About our Satsuma Almond King Cake

We start by layering flaky puff pastry with rich almond paste and cream cheese, then add a bright, refreshing, citrus filling using satsumas supplied by our partners at Press Street Gardens. Boxed with a small crown of gold metallic paper (a regal alternative to the usual plastic baby), these king cakes are perfect for serving at parties, for gifting, or for enjoying with family at home.

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