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"Slow Swing" by Kayleigh Maier Gillies

"Slow Swing" by Kayleigh Maier Gillies

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Kayleigh Maier Gillies  (class of 2004)

Slow Swing

Oil on canvas

54 in x 54 in


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My most recent works focus on themes of ambiguity, disorientation, and a duality of strength and vulnerability, through the relationship between the figure and its environment. The figures often possess strength despite being burdened by surroundings that are either vague or oppressive. The subject of the child remains a constant in my work as representation of duality. The child embodies our truest, most intuitive self, and yet is associated with naivety and fragility. I have always been interested in children’s perception of others, their environment and of their experiences.


Kayleigh Maier Gillies is a New Orleans based artist, working primarily in paint and etched glass. Gillies earned her BFA in painting from Tulane University and an MAT in elementary education from University of New Orleans. She is currently teaching art at Isidore Newman School.