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"Mothers" by Carl Joe Williams

"Mothers" by Carl Joe Williams

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Carl Joe Williams (class of 1988)


Mixed media on doors

60 in x 51 in


Additional information and viewings upon request. Please call 504-940-2808 or email rread@noccainstitute.com


I have been making artwork since I was a small child. My work has since evolved into a multiplicity of visions, directions, and intuitive gestures. The painting, installations, and sculptures I create are a product of recalling images of my cumulative life experiences. Various forms of music, as well as the rhythm of people and places create and help mold the character of my work.

Since I was a young man, I’ve been playing and composing music. I see my art and music as extensions of each other. I often use music as a model by internalizing its structure, rhythms, and dynamics, incorporating elements of each. My work is never completed until it is experienced; the observed are merging into a new realm of experience.

Objects are very important part of the creation and aesthetic of my art. For me, found objects have become a continuum of a narrative that tends to flow throughout my work. They become elements of a story that are intricately woven into a work of art to create a new meaning and a new context. Overall my work is an attempt to display in layers of images the interrelationship of the cosmic forces and the everyday. It is this research for universality through specificity that continues to drive and inform my work. 

My aesthetic involves many complex color combinations and rhythmic patterns that are inspired by sacred geometric patterns found in nature. Rhythms and harmonies converge into a symphony of colors that work together to create a powerful visual experience. My works are grounded in painting and move between painting sculptures and found objects. It is my vision to create public works of art that bring a sense of intrigue, color, and excitement to a public space, while working with the community or project leaders and director to create a work of art that address the social, physiological, educational, and historical concerns of a community.