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2019 Media Arts Recording Showcase (MARS) album -- ON VINYL
2019 Media Arts Recording Showcase (MARS) album -- ON VINYL
2019 Media Arts Recording Showcase (MARS) album -- ON VINYL

2019 Media Arts Recording Showcase (MARS) album -- ON VINYL

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The music industry has undergone some major changes over the past several years. You've probably heard a lot about how digitization upended traditional music labels and how streaming services have changed the way that artists produce new work.
But there's another important shift: a new-found appreciation for music producers as artists in their own right. Since NOCCA's Media Arts department is tasked with training the next generation of producers and audio engineers, the faculty decided to capitalize on this trend by releasing an album of music created by Media Arts students. 
It wasn't hard to find work to fill up the album. Throughout the 2018-2019 school year, NOCCA's Media Arts students have used the school's recording studio to produce a massive array of original recordings. Those works span many genres, from ambient-electronica, to voice-over for animations and short-films, to "Shut 'Em Down", a song created for the New Orleans Saints that features a full-scale rock band collaborating with hip-hop producers and horn players from the Jazz Department. 
Though it's popular today to release new work in digital format, NOCCA faculty and students feel that it's too easy for a digital file to be overlooked and forgotten. And so, the department decided to release their album as vinyl record, one that perfectly sums up the energy and creative freedom that NOCCA students enjoy.
We hope you'll share in our celebration of our dedicated Media Arts' musicians.
2019 Media Arts Recording Showcase (MARS):
Runtime: 40 minutes
(Side A)
1.) Knock Me Off My Feet (Tiara Joy and the Misty Family) (3:44)
2.) Shorty in My Section (Woe Shinigami Ft. Sweetheart) (2:52)
3.) Register Girl (Sweetheart) (3:03)
4.) Is It Enough? (Dane Pollard) (3:19)
5.) Ride or Die (C. Riley) (3:09)
6.) Drowning (Sweetheart) (3:03)
7.) My Duplicates and Me (Cameron Sitton) (2:37)
(Side B)
8.) Not a Day Goes By (Mas and Flip Carson) (1:18)
9.) Photosynthesis (Dominic Collara) (2:44)
10.) OverUnderRound & Through (Jet the Guy) (1:43)
11.) Epic Beat (Lilly) (0:59)
12.) Dream Girl (Z-Man Collins) (3:22)
13.) We're Rocketeers (Jet the Guy) (2:17)
14.) The Red Mariner (Petar Gery) (3:20)
15.) Shut 'Em Down (NOCCA Media Arts Department) (2:33)
Please note: The color you see of the vinyl record is one of 100 random assortments in which they were printed. Yours will likely vary.